How to take care of your Stainless-Steel Cookware

Coming up with dinner ideas every day can become a daunting task. But, whether you are cooking for yourself or the whole family, it should be exciting and fun. From stainless steel to brass pans & pots, this essential cookware that every kitchen need will be used repeatedly. Are you looking for daily inspiration on how to use your pans & pots every day? Take a look at some ideas below.

Everyday Cleaning

After preparing the dish, cleaning stainless steel cookware is a simple process. Plain soap and water remove residue, if any, adhering to the pan’s surface. A non-abrasive cleaning tool or rubber spatula can loosen up any food residue, and in fact, this cookware is very easy to rinse and hand wash, so your cookware is clean in just a few minutes.

The top surface of stainless-steel cookware retains its finish so beautifully that a hot water rinse is often enough to clean the surface. However, the vital thing to remember is to keep the temperature medium or lower. Due to the innovative shape and construction, heat is conducted evenly and quickly and is maintained for long periods throughout the stainless-steel cookware. Overheating and high settings can discolor the finish.

Deep Cleaning

Occasionally, a particularly acidic dish may cause a slight discoloration in the pan, or your 4-year-old may have decided to try doing a load of laundry. At the same time, you cook dinner, and a subsequent blast of soap requires your presence, creating a burnt-in mess. On the other hand, you probably don’t feel like cleaning up after dinner and are greeted the following day with a scab over leftovers from the night before.

Either way, restoring stainless steel cookware to its original clean form is relatively simple. Removing dried or burnt food from food is as easy as emptying the pan. Add water and heat over medium heat and let the pan free for 5 minutes, then rinse and wash as you usually would. A heat-resistant spoon can assist in the process, helping to remove any particularly stubborn residue.

Refine & Remove Minor Scratches

Stainless steel cookware can be polished with a cleaner specially designed for this purpose. Products like dish cleaner form a paste when added to water and can be applied when cookware is hot by gently rubbing the paste over the surface with a soft cloth in one direction. Then, simply wash and dry the utensils after polishing.

Any non-abrasive stainless-steel cleaner will work, or you can use an eco-friendly version of baking soda paste. Simply mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with about a half teaspoon of water to make a thick paste and follow the instructions above. By the way, this paste works wonders for removing metal residue or discoloration caused by high temperatures.

Your cookware is built to last and last longer. It is easy to keep in good condition and will keep its shine for years. All you have to do is to keep the stove temperature low – remember that. This will prevent a lot of problems before they occur.